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Who We Are


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A Bit A History

Yes we are the Pharoahs, the same club right out of the Movie
"American Graffiti". But No I wasn't in it and most of the guys in the club weren't either Unless your Bo Hopkins, Candy Clark or Paul Le Matt,or Herbie Hancock, and yes they are in our club.
We live all over california from L.A to The Bay area. Most of us are from around the Modesto area where this started and continues today. We're like most 50's styled clubs are with a few exceptions, you CAN'T join this club unless your invited and only if you live through a rope draggin.
Our Cars are selected and predetermined. They can't be newer than 65. White walls or black walled tires only.
No digital, No billit, No Fat ASS tires, tall windshields, WE build our Cars the way we used to build them in our high school days 30 plus years ago.
We go to alot of shows in the valley and include a regular cruz in at A & W in Modesto off 14th & G on friday nights. Mayebe we'll see you there some night. We are also glad to see a Sonic going up on the corner of 18th and R st. in Merced and we'll be cruzin' there when it opens.

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