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Club Cars

Dancing teenagers; Actual size=180 pixels wide

58 plymouth belongs to the Pres.



Andy Rodrigues'50 MERC


Above this Beaut is another cool ride of our prez.,


This very Cool 54 belongs to Member Rick Sapien


Above^ Bennie Jr's. ride is a 55 dodge Royal Lancer. It's under going a new Kustom treatment right now, it should be a fresh and ready to hit the road soon.

Teens at a pool party; Actual size=240 pixels wide

This Cool 56 Merc Belongs to The Vice President.

Below, Craig (Hotrod) Hon has one beautiful car.


Dancing teenagers; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Kev's 64 Chevy full custom truck


Above kev's new ride, a 55 pontiac,
And Below Cowboys Full custom chopped 51 ford


One Kool 39 belonging to Member John Salsman.



Johns 51 Merc

Another page will be added when I get more pics.


Ahh One of the Finest 51 Merc's ever, Vice Pres. Bennie Sapien's Lovely seafoam green, Barris eat your heart out,

Ahhh one of the finest 51 merc's ever, this one belongs to our Vice Pres. its a lovely example of what a merc should look like, Barris eat your heart out, shown here in the hottest merc color ever seafoam green