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Local Shows We Might Be Seen At.

Some of these shows include swap meets and cruise ins. We TRY to support other car clubs from around the valley and bay area, and southern California.
We can't go to all of the shows, and I won't even try to mention all of them. but If your from a recognized club and you think you might have a show to promote let Us know.
Below is a list of a few of these Kool Hang outs. You can contact us at    ( wyatt )   ( benni )     ( john )      ( cowboy ) 

Every friday april till october you can see us at A and W 14th and G st in Modesto or saturdays in merced at R st Sonic

Check out this link to last years Paso show and see if you can't find wyatt. 

American Graffiti.........JUNE  16th ( DADS DAY )...The original film showing at the state theatre down town Modesto on 1307 J street. 2:00 p.m till 10:00. A 10.00 donation for non profit parent resouce center, tickets at the theatre.  209 549-8193
Bonandar buick car show. ....... June 22nd
Turlock ca.
PASO ROBLES, The dates have changed to help us the visitors and partisapants from getting shafted by the city beurocates and  hotels, make new reservations soon.   Sept 13-14-15,....  
YES its still there and still going on.  
Billet Proof.......September 28th, Robertson park rodeo grounds,  outside livermoore, for info go to
October 26...... 14th annual Golden State Classics (main st. park ......Paso Robles - free show)

October 26 Mels drive in on Lombard St. San Francisco

Happy thanksgiving , Christmas and New year.......