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Friends of the Pharoahs


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Both the Pres. and Vice Pres. have some Kool Pictures of cruising nights in good ol' Modesto, the Pictures will be posted on this Page, some great old pics from BURGES DRIVE IN, on old 9th st, and some Great shots from the old Webb's Drive in on 7th and old 99 hwy, we also have some great shots from the old MICHAELS Drive Inn, in Merced, its yes its even still there, its now a Mexican rest. next to Merced V/W on old 99, these picture have now become part of our history, as PHAROAHS  I want to thank both of the two Ol' Kats for shareing them with us, as soon as I get them scanned I'll put them up. till next time, see ya

out cruisin on 10th street, Modesto Ca.

Faroas from the old days.

ATT: Now heres the legal stuff, the names are all reg. trade marks of the Pharoahs, listed below are the Names Reg. to us:

FAROAS of Modesto

Yeah these thing cost money, and cannot be used without permission of the Pharoahs, just try it and fine out what will happen, we have both ropes and cables and will be ready to drag ya to wherever we need to take care of missuse.

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